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Our Story

 A little about myself and my family-  My whole family loves surfing. Its our passion. My kids are the third generation of surfers in our family. Our best days, are early at the beach, surfing, relaxing and basking in the sun, barbecuing, watching the sunset and don't forget a warm bonfire with the stars overhead, while listening to the crashing of the waves on shore nearby. 

Well, That's my description of Enjoying Natures Paradise at its Best! Although a long hike to a waterfall is great too! But this lifestyle is the reason Natures Paradise came into existence. Family, nature and an old recipe from grandma. 

    So, its our Baby Organic Relief Cream that is a five generation old recipe. I remember my great grandmother mixing the ingredients together in a melting pot in her kitchen. She made it every year for all the family, friends and neighbors. Even though at the time I was only 8 yrs old, I knew the recipe was special. I was always impressed how many friends would explain how the salve worked so well for their psoriasis, rashes, scrapes, eczema and ect. They talked so highly of it that I knew someday I will take the recipe to the market. Well, with the internet boom and amazon boom. I saw opportunity for this family recipe. So, by this time I was married and had  children. My wife was intrigued with this recipe and idea of taking it to market as well. My wife had years of experience with product design and  website design. I had experience with business operations and management. So, we had confidence to take the Baby Organic Relief Cream to market especially when we did our R / D. So, many brands had chemicals and junk ingredients you couldn't read. So, we kept it simple. Easy to read ingredients. And thats our mission. Keep it simple and clean. Just like surfing. Since then it has grew into what it is today, now we have over 40 sku's and growing. Today our products range from babies to adults. We seem to keep getting good reviews. Moms are always raving about the simplicity of our ingredients and formulas. It really has been fun developing this store and brand and as a family, we  still love finding time to surf regularly.       

                Thank you,

Ryan Pound,

Founder of Natures Paradise 






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