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Our Story

It all started with an old family recipe on my great grandmother’s side of the family. Four or Five generations ago they had a watermelon farm. They came up with a recipe for helping skin irritations. I remember as a young boy my grandmother melting and blending the ingredients together over her stovetop in her own kitchen. She would slowly pour the formula into empty jam jars. She always made enough for all the households in the whole family. Neighbors and friends too would make requests to get a jar for their personal skin irritations.

When I became a teenager, I began thinking of what I wanted to do as a career. I was always fascinated in the manufacturing industry. I often would look at the family salve in the bathroom medicine cabinet and imagine what it would look like, with fancy packaging and a real brand name on a label. I use to dream about different brand names for the salve.

Once I was eighteen, I finally invested with my own funds a bottle that was nicer than a jam jar with a label on it. The label had a real brand name I created, description of the salve and directions on how to use the salve. It was simple, easy, and plain. But I loved it! I showed my grandfather immediately and he was impressed! I remember he said,” It doesn’t look like the family salve anymore.” And that’s what I wanted and needed to hear. It looked professional. It looked manufactured.

Because of my age, lack of funds, and no experience to run a company, I didn’t proceed in the manufacturing business. I put it on the back burner. Instead, I married a beautiful wife who already had a beautiful baby son. I helped her build her own mural and faux finish business. I in the meantime, started up my own auto upholstery business and legally adopted my wife’s beautiful son, Brandon.

Today we are a happy family of five. We all love surfing! As surfers, we are all relaxed and easy going people. It was my wife who wanted me to proceed with my dream. She asked me to get into the manufacturing industry since that is what I always wanted and she volunteered to help me. As we looked for things to manufacture it was obvious to my wife that I was fixed on taking the family salve to market.

With all the technology of the internet, all the experience we gained from owning our own businesses, my wife and I were able to see that we can manufacture the family salve. We always had the goal to improve the recipes or formulas as we grow the business. We saw that natural and organic was the need for the skincare industry and never wanted to include chemicals to any of the formulas. My artistic wife designs all the packaging, for all of our products. My wife said that we can’t just offer one item, the salve, to consumers but instead we need to offer a whole line of baby skincare products. Together we researched ingredients and tested endless amounts of formulas in order to offer a whole line of natural and organic baby products today. We have only improved the family salve recipe from what it was on the farm to what it is today, Baby Organic Relief Cream, and it’s still our number one seller!

I am proud of what my family has accomplished, designed and has to offer for you today. I am thrilled to eventually pass this wonderful company to my son, Brandon, when he is ready to be my boss.   

                Thank you,

Ryan Pound,

Founder of Natures Paradise 






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